Four winter casual warm outfits

Four winter casual warm outfits


Warm Clothes now that the Chill is Here

Hayward Cape pullover $155, a soft knit to match all of your jeans black, dark blue denim and red.

Red jeans Witchery $130 Brighten up the cloudy days of winter with these red jeans

Other tops to go with the red jeans:

Armani striped Ruffle Jumper $140

Levi Black jeans $100

Add a brighter jumper with the black or dark denim jeans:

Zig Zag sweater $160

Wrap around sweater $221

Add a coat or jacket and you have some warm and casual looks.

Wool Biker Jacket Witchery $190

OR neutral coloured leather which will go with the red jeans or any other coloured jeans.

Hardy leather jacket $550


In the last post there were 8 jackets, 6 tops and 6 bottoms (pants and skirts).Some items were casual and some more formal.

The colours were for all the seasonal palettes so someone with Autumn colouring would tend towards the blues, turquoise and orange while someone with Spring colouring would head towards the clear blues and greens. The neutral items could be worn by most seasons but perhaps a colourful scarf in your seasonal colours next to your face would improve the overall look.

How many combinations could you make out of those items?

Add some scarves to the equation and there should be many more outfits; and we haven’t even added bags, shoes, glasses and jewellery,  which can also make an outfit more casual or more dressy as well as providing many more options.

Do you know your best colours? Make sure that your colours are not washing out your skin. You should look healthy in your best colours!

If you are in Sydney, I help ladies find their best colours….contact me.


Tops and Bottoms for all styles and Seasonal colours

Tops and Bottoms for all styles and Seasonal colours

A Basic Wardrobe that Mixes and Matches

A Basic Wardrobe that Mixes and Matches

Just add lots of different accessories like scarves and jewellery for even more combinations.

Silk shift dress
$90 –

Mary Portas ruffle blouse
£70 –

Tie dying shirt
£40 –

Lipsy flower shirt
£38 –

Coco s Fortune chiffon top
£36 –

Glamorous sleeveless top
£22 –

Balmain leopard print jacket
€8.070 –

Reiss cropped jacket
$665 –

Boyfriend jacket
$70 –

Joe’s Jeans skinny leg jeans
€127 –

POL skirt
119 AUD –

Columbia pants

High heel loafer
$865 –

Bardot leather high heels
$50 –

Platform heels
$35 –

Mulberry black leather handbag
$1,350 –

The Bottomless Wardrobe

Time to take stock of the wardrobe. Full of clothes but still have nothing to wear?

OK …no more impulse purchases because it’s on sale or a good brand or your friend thinks it looks good!

To have a bottomless wardrobe you need to have clothes that mix and match with each other. You actually do not need a lot of clothes! Think of the chic French women living in tiny apartments with tiny cupboards and yet they have a reputation for looking fabulous. Our wardrobes are probably too big and that’s why we fill them up with many bits and pieces that neither match anything else or even look good on us.

Don’t buy a complete outfit (unless it is going to match at least 3 other items in the wardrobe) but rather buy fabulous pieces that will mix and match with lots of other clothes in your wardrobe. We want to be able to mix and match all of our clothes so that it appears that we have a bottomless wardrobe.

The way to do this is what is called building a capsule wardrobe. All your basics like pants, skirts and jackets will be in your deeper neutral colour depending on your season (WInter, Spring, Summer and Autumn colours) and then you will add your accents in tops and also add colour in your accessories. These are your pieces that should match with at least 3 other items of clothing. You can have more capsule groups of clothes using coloured jackets, skirts and pants to add extra interest. These should also work with your tops and accessories making even more outfits!

If you are a Winter colouring, that is, silver suits you better than gold and bright colours suit you better than pastels, then you would perhaps have your basics in black. You would then buy your pieces in a bright blue or red. Don’t go out and buy a pair of designer brown pants because they are on sale because they won’t work with your capsule wardrobe  and match with your other basics. You may also have a fabulous red jacket that can work in with other tops in black or white and some patterned tops. Use patterns to add extra interest.

By creating small capsules of basics and adding tops, scarves, shoes and jewellery in accent colours, you will have a bottomless wardrobe.

If you need assistance in creating this bottomless wardrobe or wardrobe capsules please contact me.